Romance Radar: August 2021

Holy late post, Batman! Well, when you have family come into town for some zoo/water park goodness, you prioritize, right? So hopefully you don't begrudge me this late(r) post *too* much.

Shall we?

Dear Mr. Brody (For Him #3) by A.M. Johnson

Release Date: Aug. 5

Why I'm Excited: Johnson is a "marathon author" for me. Meaning, I read her books straight through without stopping. The first two books in the M/M series, Love Always, Wild and Not So Sincerely, Yours were as heartfelt and angsty as you can get. Dear Mr. Brody should prove to be that and more with its taboo college student/professor trope. Check out the illustrated versions of her covers if you can. They're absolutely beautiful!

Love of Kill (Vol. 3) by Fe

Release Date: Aug. 10

Why I'm Excited: I erroneously stated in my July post that this manga released last month. Obviously it does not, so allow me to rectify my mistake now in telling you that this manga series is actually quite charming. Think: hardened assassin is followed/rescued by/obsessed over her rival assassin who she has been tasked to kill. It just works for me. *shrug*

Fox Undercover (Wolves of Crescent Valley #1) by Maya Nicole

Release Date: Aug. 11

Why I'm Excited: Can I just say, "Because it's Maya Nicole and I will read everything she releases"? The Wolves series is a spinoff of Nicole's Arbor Falls series, which is itself a spinoff of her Salinity Cove series, but feel free to dive right on in if you enjoy a good shifter reverse harem!

Pack Captive (Moon Called #1) by Cate Corvin

Release Date: Aug. 13

Why I'm Excited: Just like Maya Nicole, Corvin is another paranormal/fantasy RH author I always tend to read whenever she releases anything new. Some of her past series like Razing Hell and The Cimmerian Cage are some of my personal favorites. In Moon Called, Corvin will delve into the world of wolf shifters.

There With You (Adair Family #2) by Samantha Young

Release Date: Aug. 23

Why I'm Excited: It's Samantha's set in Scotland...I always recommend her books. Full stop. She's so good at creating tension, while also maintaining the perfect balance of steam and story. Book 1 of the series, Here With Me, released in May 2021.

Defiance and Dedication (Untouchable #9) by Heather Long

Release Date: Aug. 24

Why I'm Excited: I can't believe we're on book NINE of this series, but I'm still invested! Long knows how to play the long game (see what I did there?) that keeps this contemporary RH series sweet and fresh. In this latest installment, Frankie and her guys finally make it to NYC for the next stage in their lives: college!

The Heart Principle (The Kiss Quotient #3) by Helen Hoang

Release Date: Aug. 31

Why I'm Excited: I think the entire romance-reading world is excited for this one, tbh. Hoang's characters are complex and flawed while also being completely relatable, which I think is a huge part of her success as a romance author. The Kiss Quotient is easily one of my Top 5 favorite romances for this very reason. I cannot WAIT for this book!

What are you excited to read this month?

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