Where the F**K Have I Been? um, yes, hi! Hello. I have not been on this blog since August? Wut? That suuuuuucks. So where the f**k have I been?

Well, I started a new position at the beginning of the school year. There's more paperwork, more hours, more driving, more time spent working after my contractual time is up. While I've kept up on my romance reading-it is my outlet, after all-other things fell by the way side, including this blog. I don't want that to continue. I enjoy doing this even though virtually no one but me reads it. *shrug*

So think of this as a New Year's resolution: I will post more throughout the year. I've decided to keep monthly posts going but change the format more to a post-reading-type set up where I'll review and rate the books I've read each month, as opposed to the pre-reading formats in which I discuss anticipated reads. Pub dates for books can be pushed back or moved up which can create discrepancies in the posts.

With this in mind, be on the look out for my Top Reads of 2021 posts coming soon!

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